You may have a killer looking website but, does it perform well in the search engines? – If it doesn’t you may be a victim of poor SEO!

Don’t worry, we can help out!

A huge part of what we do here at NINE2 is not only designing great websites, it’s also helping your business grow.

We are one of the city’s leading digital specialists offering Digital Marketing and SEO Norwich with reliable, proven results.

Let us help firstly by answering some commonly asked questions about Search Engine Optimisation.

What is SEO?

If you, like most people don’t have a clue what SEO is let alone what it stands for don’t panic, you’re not alone.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the ‘secret’ method of getting your business higher up in Google and other Search Engines.

It takes a fair bit of work and no set method is right for every business.

We specifically tailor our SEO Norwich Service to suit your business and ensure we thoroughly research your target audience and industry to give you the best ROI we can.

Why do I need SEO?

Effective SEO has numerous benefits but the primary factor is that it leads to more business, fact.

If people are searching for your product or service it makes sense to appear as quickly as possible to ensure you have the best chance at capturing that all important lead.

How long does it take?

The number one question we get asked is “How long will it take me to get on page 1?”.

We probably shouldn’t tell you this but, we like being honest, the answer to that is, we don’t know.

Not one agency can give you the answer to that whether they’re in Norwich, the UK or overseas.
Don’t get sucked into paying hundreds or thousands of pounds to appear on page one in a week – It just doesn’t happen!

Now, to give you a ‘real world’ answer to that question, when we launched it took us roughly 5-6 months to reach page one, and for a search term like ‘Web Design Norwich’ that ain’t bad!

We are up against some strong competition with everyone in Norwich claiming to be ‘SEO Specialists’ but for a brand new website, our results speak volumes, it’s not a one off either, check out our Portfolio to see more examples of our SEO Success stories.

How much does it cost?

Again, quite a hard one to answer but, we can say, it’s not as much as you think.

As we mentioned every SEO plan is tailored to suit your business and is, in essence, customised to suit you.

It’s all dependant on your competition, keyword targeting and ultimately, budget.

To obtain a cost-effective solution and honest SEO advice we recommend you get in touch to discuss it with us in more detail, heck, we’ll even buy you a coffee!