Dohwhats? | How to choose the best Domain Name for your Business

How to choose the right domain name for your business

Domain names, what the heck are domain names? Don’t panic, by the end of this, you should be fully clued up on domain names, what they are, how they work, how much they cost and how they can help your SEO! Domain names are, in plain English the ‘bit that goes in the address bar’… Read more »

THE Top 10 Mistakes NEW Businesses Make When Building Their First Website

top ten web design mistakes

The evolution of the internet has provided people with a lot of opportunities to make money nowadays. Individuals, Small Businesses, Medium Businesses and even large Corporations rely heavily on the internet to help them gain and secure more business from their target demographic. Having a dedicated website for your business had almost become a necessity… Read more »

Gmail User? – Newest scam to WATCH OUT for!

Gmail Scam Login Page Example

Lots of people are falling for this latest Gmail Phishing Scam If you, like us use Gmail as an email client instead of Windows live or Apple mail (If you don’t, you should, it’s awesome!) then you’ll know how great it is. It’s not without it’s flaws though, however. The security ‘geeks’ who head up… Read more »

Rubbish at Drawing? – Google Autodraw…

Google Autodraw Example, A useful tool for designers

Introducing Google’s AutoDraw. The free-to-use tool that works like predictive txt for your drawings. Bamboozled by Photoshop? It’d be fair to say that most ‘normal’ folk know what it is but not everyone knows how to use it. Which piece of software do you grab when you need to make a quick sketch or design a… Read more »

What the BLOG? – The reasons your business SHOULD be blogging in 2017

NINE2, a Norwich-based web design agency explains why you should be blogging in 2017

Some of you may be thinking, blogging? Isn’t that something that mums, bookworms and people with too much time on their hands do all day? – Incorrect. Blogging is, in fact, a crucial element to your business’s online arsenal and isn’t something to be sniggered at in jest. Not only is it a great way to… Read more »