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Rubbish at Drawing? – Google Autodraw…

Introducing Google’s AutoDraw.

The free-to-use tool that works like predictive txt for your drawings.

Google Autodraw Example, A useful tool for designers

Bamboozled by Photoshop?

It’d be fair to say that most ‘normal’ folk know what it is but not everyone knows how to use it.
Which piece of software do you grab when you need to make a quick sketch or design a last-minute poster for that birthday party you should’ve planned a lot earlier…

All hail Autodraw – The app for all the people who can just abut initiate a game of hangman.

That’s right, Google’s latest Artifical Intelligence project – AutoDraw – makes it incredibly easy to create artwork for posters, cards, or even colouring books.
Just scribble your best attempt at an object, AutoDraw will do it’s best to interpret that and offer up refined versions created by artists that you can pick from an art menu.

Remember when predictive texting came into our lives? Yeah… this is the drawing equivalent.
Of course, if you feel like showing off, the option to draw freehand is always available too.

As well as being incredibly simple to use, AutoDraw is even easier to install.
You don’t have to download it and there are no hefty subscriptions to pay.

It works on laptops, mobiles, tablets and desktops – Great huh?

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