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Our New Website is LIVE!

After much blood, sweat and tears… Ok, more like Coffee! Our NEW website is LIVE!

It’s always a challenge, as web designers to design your own website. It has to look great, it has to appeal to a huge audience and most of all it has to be functional! There’s a phrase “Don’t have a dog and bark yourself” and this definitely goes against that in every way.

The NINE2 site started like any other, a simple sketch on paper.

An example of our mockup process for Norwich Web Design

We’ve spent a fair few hours fettling and tweaking our this design to try and showcase our skill and, so far, it’s received some excellent praise!

If you don’t know already, we specialise in Norwich Web Design and pride ourselves on being a local business. We offer affordable, professional design to all shapes and sizes of businesses in Norwich and Norfolk.

If you’re looking for a NEW Website or simply would like to find out how you can BOOST your online performance, please get in touch.

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