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THE Top 10 Mistakes NEW Businesses Make When Building Their First Website

top ten web design mistakes

The evolution of the internet has provided people with a lot of opportunities to make money nowadays. Individuals, Small Businesses, Medium Businesses and even large Corporations rely heavily on the internet to help them gain and secure more business from their target demographic. Having a dedicated website for your business had almost become a necessity … Read more

Everyone’s a Web Designer! – The Dangers of Wix and Other ‘FREE’ Website Builders

Struggling business owner trying to create their own website

In this day and age technology is advancing at such a supersonic rate it’s often hard to keep up. One trend that seems to becoming more and more popular is ‘FREE’ website builders like Wix, Moonfruit and Vistaprint etc. You’ll see me reference the term ‘FREE’ quite a lot throughout this article and that’s because, … Read more